Yesterday I was reading a post. I really find hard to found a post that I like.

Recipe post are useful but boring

make up post, just the same

travel post, nice but more visual than written

So my task for Blogging fundamentas was sincerely hard. Find a post that you like. And than, as usual, life offer you opportunities if you try to change your point of view.

I found myself reading Rarasaur post. And it was easy, instant relax and nice. My english is not good, but I have to thank her, because now I know which kind of post I like.

I like post that want to share emotions, of people that are looking for something but also people that want to give happiness, funny tales, and energy to the others.

In the case of Rarasaur, she needed a hug. This is what I tried to give.

a big virtual hugimage

Tks to

If you want to understand better what I’m talking about read