The second day

Everyone speaks about the first day of school, the first day at work, but everyone forgets about the SECOND day.

The hardest! On holiday everyone feels strong, relaxed,  full of energy and plans to do so many things at the come back! My to do list for example was really huge, my standards so high. On holiday we think that at the come back we can change the world and we can change ourselves. The first day, when we start again, and we try to change all our daily routine is hard. The second day, when we understand that it’s impossible to change and that our life will go on as usual is not hard, it’s demotivating, sad and really down drowning.

If we have planned to make big dreams come true. That’s is hard. Give up to our dream it is impossible.

On the night of my second day I was sleepless again.  And my to do list was already gone to the trash.

One of my point was

*sleep more !! FAILED

*have time for friends  (after 2 days of 10 working hours)  FAILED

* work less and have save time for my hobbies  FAILED

* eat better and have time to cook healthy meal   FAILED ( I just had time to go to the supermarket and buy some precooked meal)

* do some training every morning DONE  since yesterday I do my training at 6 AM in the morning!!! ( sleep more, first point of my to do list, is destroyed )

*blog more and improve writing   DONE, since today I get up at 5 AM to do my blogging  (sleep more and keep calm will totally be disregarded!!  )

On the second day you realise that the person you were before,  was not such a bad person. She was already the best person she could be!! And if you want to have a second opportunity to change your life …. you have to live 2 lifes in the same day. Give up to your sleeping and your health and try to invest on your dreams… while others are dreaming in their beds.

It’s not impossible. It’s just very difficult and so HARD.

The seconod day you understand that if you want your dreams come true. … you have to stop dreaming and start working.

To make a wish come true you have to make it happend

It’s 5 a.m. in the morning. And I’m blogging in English about my life!!!

Everyone  at 40ties , like me, who has already a life and wants to change it, knows… that even if it’s hard….


40 is the new 21! You have awareness, strength  and power.


Good hard working third day to everyone!

Don’t forget to listen to your personal soundtrack! 

Keep calm and relax album: &list=PLDE7CE8288C521A51