Flying is unconfortable 

It’s fast

It’s practical

It’s  cheap 

but it is unconfortable

This opinion, seemingly a true universally know, in reality hides a very feminist viewpoint.

Woman with lagguages

Men travel with a wallet  that deforms the trouser pocket, but no one has  regulated the size and boss jet.

Man travel with a 24 hours empty suitcase for just 1 PC, 1 shirt, 1 toothbrush, boxer, and eventually also a spare pair of socks!
Us, girls, we travel, with a suitcase at the limit of its capabilities, domed of bras, briefs, creams, deodorants, brushes and combs, conditioners, hair dryer, smalt, samples, pyjamas, slippers, and towels and several pair of socks!

Then we have this small appendix, a little pouch bag, a small shoulder bag, a nice sweet small puse,  with inside our whole life.

Our mobile phone,  the charger, power battery, and than a lipstick, a hand cream, a smalt, handkerchief,  chewing-gum, loyalty cards, money, documents, little receipts, slips of paper, a small adress book, little pencil…

All these little things correspond the men’s wallet.

It’s simple: a woman’s wallet has the form of a handbag .

And while we line up and we hear a female metal voice announcing, “one piece of hand luggage per person ” , we suerly do not think to our small purse. We do not think she’s talking about us and our shoulder bag , or about our insignificant wallet .

And when we get to the boarding barrier, the misunderstanding is clarified . The hostess indicates just us, our innocuous shoulder bag, and tells us that we must enter the ” small wallet” in your cabin luggage … we begin to sweat . ..shhhhh … Shaking our head and looking around … .is it there any knight ? , a kind gentleman of ancient times ?, who generously opens his suitcase with the cosmic void inside , to accommodate our small shoulder bag for 10 meters before and after the boarding barrier?


Men no longer know how to do their job .They no more know the easy way to get our phone number and take the opportunity to have our esteem and gratitude gaze in return of a gallant gesture.

And then I relize … looking at those  girls working on their bags to crush inside theirs  purse , I see the future extinction of the species . I see a gray future of equality but not of equal opportunities .

Because the secret of evolution is all there. Understanding that we are NOT all the same, we are really very different and we need to give all, equal opportunities . Differentiating rights according to different needs.

And embarking men with protruding wallet and women with cross bag …. recognizing their equality !

I thank the passengers of the early morning flight EasyJet EZ3931 from Paris to Milan  6:55 am for stolen pictures.

PHOTO CREDITS TO Mondadori photo

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