In a rainy day we decided to prepare an healthy, tasty and typically Italian recipie! Spaghetti with tomato sauce !! But to make it more healthy we used a mix with WHOLE WHEAT !
Do you also want to try it? Do you want to spend an hour together in family … with flour everwhere but happy?!!

The homemade WHOLE WHEAT spaghetti will be your new family recipe!


INGREDIENTS for 3 persons
The secret :
100gr of flour per person..
1 egg per 100 grams of flour!
200 grams of organic flour, 0
100 grams of whole organic flour
3 eggs, wash well the shell!
1 pinch of salt

A scale to weigh the flour
A fork
a platform
a cutting board
A pasta machine (Imperia my favorite)
A clean cloth

On the floor sparkling clean, place the flour and leave it to the children, in the center make a hole and let them put the eggs …. if there will be any shell …Patience!! It’s calcium!!
First you beat eggs into the flour as if you were doing an omelet. Then do dirty your hands and impaste well. Give a piece of dough to kids …only when it is less glouant … or instead of a quick recipe of an hour , you will have 2 hours of cleaning!
Stand the dough on floured flood under the clean cloth. Meanwhile mount on the table, the IMPEROA  machine, to roll the dough.
At this point it’s done. Roll out the dough is easy. Divide the dough into small loaves and then with the highest gear opening start to roll. I like to draw and then repay the dough several times on itself. It seems to be more and more homogeneous.
To make spaghetti we adjusted the thickness to 4 wheel holes. We like thick and with so much tomato sauce!


Father usually come when the first dirty part is over. That’s okay. Do not discuss with him. Not worth emphasizing. So it is in the Italian tradition and so always will be.
Dad and daughter take the fun part of rolling out the dough and turn it on spaghetti. Take the opportunity to take pictures and clean up a bit !
After you have placed spaghetti in small nests … your little girl, with her sweet little hands , will take them and crush them all! It’s normal. .. … make it authentic family recipie.. let’s say that It’s the true essence of homemade spaghetti … along with some zest of initial eggshell!


Cook pasta in plenty boiling salted water and really put a lot of tomato sauce and then italian cheese at the end.


Italy is served!

For nutritional facts read: