But this should not stop anyone from using such a color in his private life!
The green color is a continuous, every year some designer believes in GREEN and summer collection comes out GREEN … then buying an object, a dress or a green accessory is never wrong.
We can see at a glance who can dress in green and who’s not!

♡ SUMMARY: who can wear GREEN? ♡
BROWN HAIR : yes, yes, yes,
RED HAIR:      dark green and only in moderation
BLOND HAIR: only dark green immoderately

Easy to fall into error after reading this summary … is green good for all? JEP NO. If the skin is not tanned or olive complexion, avoid the green, whatever your hair color is, unless it is your favorite color and unless the chance to meet the new girlfriend of your ex is not a topic that interests you.

Someone told me that write compulsively about a subject is wrong and boring, so I interrupt to make a specific point of the paragraphs that follow.

GREEN it’s important and very large subject that can not be extinguished in one page article. Everyone will then be free to read what he wants, fortunately we are not in school and I’m not even writing a leaflet of a medical product. Everyone can read before or after meals … best ever away from work’s hours … but this is an issue of your boss.

  1. GREEN dress
    2. GREEN closet
    3. THE GREEN WARDROBE, subtitle: the green in home furnishings
    4. GREEN THUMB not to be confused with the green enamel
    5. GREEN in the kitchen
    6. GREEN with envy
    7. HULKCHAPTER 1: GREEN dress
    A green dress should be in every wardrobe! I still do not have it in mine but it is a matter of a few years and then my moment will come. You buy a green dress in two moments of life:

TIME A: as teenager, when you are not even aware of yourself and then you put everything and try everything, and it’s a part of that process of experimentation / acquisition of consciousness necessary and fundamental.
TIME B: as a Women, when you feel good with your body, you feel good about yourself and you are in balance with the world and then you can dare, knowing that criticism strengthen and not kill you and that a green dress it puts us in the spotlight and facilitate dialogue with the world, or preclude forever. But even this can be a decision and a conscious choice.
For my part I have never been a crazy teenager and I’m not, for now, a balanced woman, so I will wait two good years of psychological therapies to buy a beautiful and sumptuous green dress.
The green dress for excellence to which I refer is part of the cultural heritage of the entire world population, and if not should be, and anyone who does not know of what I speak repent immediately and go and read up.
The dress which I refer is the one worn by Scarlett O’Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND. This is for me the heroine of heroines, women among women, dreamy, stubborn, mischievous and willful.

A woman who knows how to stand up to a man but who is both dependent and fascinated.

And The dress sewn with curtains, I find it a symbol of daring, of poetry and light dose of irrational madness that accompanies every woman in the world.

c823841590b0f50a1f65b30dc21a49d2Scarlett green dress
To confirm my theory, “ the need for a green dress in our life”, I would like to bring another element, another gorgeous dress that is part of the cultural heritage of collective growth …
This is the dress that Carrie Bradshaw wore in SEX AND TE CITY Movie while visiting for the first time BIG’s apartment.


What should I say more to confirm my thesis? A green dress serves and must enter into the life of all of us, we must not waste it and you have to choose it carefully. But it is a MUST essential for a special day or a day that you will want to make special …
And who cares if your idea will be mocked or trampled, the important thing is that it is genuine, healthy and represent you; to me you always have to try because “AFTER ALL TOMORROW is ANOTHER DAY”.
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