I have a nagging pain in the roght eye. For the rest, I’m fine! Perfecte!
Yet the eye just behind the eyebrows it hurts, so I went to the doctor.
He looked at me for a second, even half a second and he told me it was sinusitis!
Sinusitis ??? But it is not a disease that is off ?? My aunt had it, but my aunt was always complaining …. and no one has ever listened to her …. and from that I thought sinusitis was not a real disease, or better I through that it not really existed!
Well today I am here to speak as my old aunt, sinusitis … and how to cure sinusitis … I am a modern woman, practical, I want a little pill and I want everything going on in a minute. Ohuf but I discovered that sinusitis can be treated Only with old remedies and patience!

In practice .. This disease is often caused by viruses and sometimes by bacteria or fungi. Those nasty germs can move to and live illegally in the sinuses, next to the eye, inflammant and increasing mucus production and obstruction of airflow. You will enter a vicious circle where the overproduction of mucus in the sinus mucosa of continuous clogging of orifices.

What to do ???

A. Fill a large pot of boiling water + bicarbonate + Menthol, eucalyptus, rosemary …. and breathe the smoke covering the head with a towel!


B. Put a thick wool hat every time you leave the house …. and maybe even keep it while you are at home t … or as your old aunt have done before,   put on scarves at home wearing a warm, wet patch on the eye.

C. Follow the advice of an old woman I met at the pharmacy

Buy the BIG SEL and heat ‘in a saucepan (do not burn!). Add some romharin or essential oils, warm to 60 degrees.
Take some old socks !!! And with a funnel (I used the dishwasher) fill the socks. ..




Here packed a pretty little bag to put the heat on the front of mucus cliffs ….

Obviously you can not miss paracetamol! !! Better if a full stomach … maybe with a slice of  apple and cinnamon  cake !
For paracetamol …. better see your doctor , as a Granny met in pharmacy  and un old aunt with her scarf!