The hat is the new beard! Men’s Fashion is passion!

The first beards began circulating in 2012 and exploded in 2013 and become a MUST in 2014 … now here we are at the turning point.

The hat! And now every man can customize its look and express himselfe through this accessory so ancient and so charming.

But the beard disappears ?? … no no.. it matches !!!


Honestly, I’m amused and fascinated by this new men’s ability to combine and get dressed … no more cover themself or dress with their mother taste….that was tipical here in Italy. “What is this vertical sriped shirt? Ahhh your mother shops for you…ahhhhhhh ….”
This is the revolution!
Men wardrobe is now an explosion of combination of elements!

Pinstripe trousers with sweatshirts, shirt with  jumper, bow tie on tshirt and hat on  head now!

Man will also have to find a new way to make it fit his hat in the wardrobe !! Hang it without wrapping !! So I already see the architects at work … new horizons for them too! New cabinets and new design for the old hanger entrance !!!

I already have in mind what I could build for hat’s fans  … and I can not wait to have some free time to get to work !!!

In the meantime … I look at the pictures of my favorite …. hats carried by some anonimus guy like BRAD PITT !! He look great no??? With the classic cowboy hat, inherited from the legendary CLINT or the italian COPPOLA. ..



And what about the beautiful and damned JOHNNY DEPP he also struggling with COPPOLA and STETSON.



The types of hats are many, and I’m  unprepared objectively on the subject, the ones I know are a few …

COWBOY hat, wide-brimmed, invented by John B. Stetson and obviously the COPPOLA that  came from Sicily and now is spread all over in the world! The name coppola is etymologically related to the word “capo” (head) “tengo a còppola o capo”  I have Coppula on my head” Not bad  my Sicilian dialect .. huh ??! The cap seems that  have been invented by British  in the’ 700 and CAP was its name … but then they are passed to the tuba … and we’ve kept the cap !!

In my wanderings for Pitti Uomo in Florence I saw really beautiful specimens of … CAPS! Here are some pictures borrowed from the web.


Even at WHITE in Milan there were many manufacturers of caps, what struck me most is this definitely NO HATS, for his irony and sympathy! Which as you know are the features that I like best in people … the ability to get involved … with style and humor!


send me your photos with hats of any kind !!

in the meantime I thank the sites from which I borrowed the photos. If you do not want to authorize the publication … I will proceed to the immediate elimination of the picture.