Sometimes I wonder what year it is .

I lost count of the years since 2002 , since I plunged headlong into this exciting work .

In this work there is everything that I like more something that I do not like , as to make it  detestable but also indispensable .

In this pre-collections week  … we don't sleep , don't eat and do not drink .... we have to prepare the showroom for customers. The big brands have a person in charge of each task ... but the artisans no! Small creators are designers , painters but also cleaner and blacksmiths !

My passion for this work derives from that , from my desire to express my personality in every field and to transform the  useless objects  into something beautiful .

That's why I express myself through the old fruit crates , wooden ones , those that are not derived from petroleum but they have a soul and a story , those that tell about  our farmers working the fields and about the rain and sun. Those that are arched by the weight of the vegetables and the humidity of the seasons .
I love the smell of the market that they still have  when pick them up form sellers at the Saturday  market in Via Fouché.

So I entered them in our location and I've worked them with passion ...


I cleaned and rehabilitated and then I painted black and personalized it. I have built a totem, a form of ancient art , but with the rock soul of our personality !

I like the result.. and I want to share it  with you !!

20150112_233807 20150113_200028

among other  I'm preparing a SPECIAL EDITION for Valentine's Day ... the world will be ready for this ??