If it’s raining outside, and it’s Sunday and you do not have television …. you can decide to chat for hours with friends … or to make some unlikely Christmas cards for these friends …

The real gift for your friends will not be to get the card …. but the fact of not having to spend all Sunday to answer to your text messages when you ask … ” do you think He will call me back? ”
In your opinion, does he not call me and ‘cause he is very busy with work ( 15pm on a Sunday afternoon ?! )
In your opinion, does he not call me because he doesn’t want to bother me?
In your opinion, does he not call me because yesterday I called him 15 times between 20 : 30-22 : 30 during the match of his favorite team ?? !!!

So if you want to make a real , sweet and useful gift to your friends … follow this tutorial and gift them two hours of relaxation .
For you will be a martyr … because between the glue between your fingers …. vegetables that does not stick and the approximate result you will understand that you have to preserve at your best your tire hypermarket cashier job….in the card production you don’t have any future…

Liquid glue or similar
Small Christmas decorations

A. Fold in half the card . Inside, you can write your Christmas wish , the front part will be the basis for our masterpiece .

B. Cut a dozen toothpicks , depriving them of the tips

C. Sprinkle glue on the cardboard at the bottom with a vase-shaped form, glue the sticks near each other . That’s the easy part ….and it’s over!

D. Now you have to paste the parsley . As you can see from the pictures … I did not have parsley… I had everything … but I forgot the parsley …. and being Sunday afternoon in a small mountain town is all …. closed …. the only thing I found in the parking near the house …. Some spontaneous chicory … what I proceeded to chop …. but that , as you will see by the end result , does not stick well …

E. Sprinkle glue on the vessel making the shape of a Christmas tree … and apply parsley / chicory … very patiently and harmoniously …

F. Spread harmoniously small Christmas decorations … Sprinkle again with glue and sprinkle with glitter …. And you got it

It’s been two hours … he did not call you ( normal is a male ) your friendship is safe and now you can start chatting .

For a sense of justice …. I link you the tutorial from which was taken this idea …

Good Sunday and I expect to see your masterpieces !!!