When you see a full moon … Dedicate it! 


You do not need to be in love , have a boyfriend or a husband to be able to see …. heart see and feel the moon .

Then some nights, like tonight here in Milan , raise your head ( is also good as an exercise for the neck ) and look for the full moon. It will take up to a minute … Focus on the full moon and look at it …. ? It is almost full? In any case … it’s beautiful …. dedicate it .

The dedication alone … worth a lifetime of emotions.

“I dedicate you this moon ‘


It is not wonderful ? And you do not need to have a companion in life to dedicate it … you can dedicate it to a friend or to a family member or a stranger … why not ?!

For example, I did the wrong mobile number and I dedicated to someone who I  don’t know who is it!

It was fantastic ! And I came up with this idea that costs nothing and gives so many emotions …
why only stare at the full moon …
Dedicate it make you feels good ad if you offered… A Tiffany .. .or a Daminai …

” Today I will dedicate you all the full moon of Milan ” …


 And then tell me that they are not generous !!

Below the sites from which I took the photo .


Flicker … photos of Christian Fusi Milan are really nice

And S’note …. I discovered this blog and I assure you it’s beautiful! I decided to follow him …. I knew that dedicate a full moon … It could just bring some beautiful discoveries !