The secrets of an healty diet in Paris….

I don’t know them..the first thing I do arriving in the french county…is going straight to Paul, and I don’t resist to any of the full baguettes with crispbread and rich stuffing. My preferite one is the “dippoise”, unpronounceable name and obscure meaning, that is against any international marketing law because no foreign can pronounce it or order it without embarassing gestures…

In any case, that’s mine…tuna and mayonnese, tomatos and salad…with a fresh Evian bottle and a chocolate fudge..just to be safe.

During the day I try resist to temptation ( bulangeries are everywhere!) drinking short charmin bistrot all over the city

The problem is at tea time, when the huge need of an internet connection take me to Starbucks…in front of the inviting windows of fresh fruit or healty cereals…I don’t even pause…I just feel attracted from those innocents and coloured round cake that americans call donuts…how can you resist? In italy we don’t have Sturbuck or anything similar…how to resist to chai tea soya milk or caramel macchiato tall?

In Starbucks I meet my italian colleguee, Annalisa, that is wisdom and balance in person that order a biologic fresh orange juice no sugar. After 2 hours of work, chat, sniggering and mail we decide to go out to watch at some shops.

While we are walking and I’m speaking at double speed about some relevant fashion problem….i notice that I’m talking alone…she is disappeared…The big empty .. where could she be?

Nose glued to the Chanel window? Kidnapped by a sexy franch guy with a buguette under his arm?
I go back on the street and I find her queuing at Laduree, ready to buy all chocolat and caramel macaron…those with the gold foil….fashion week special edition

Bye bye to the biological no sugar no colorants smoothie

We decide, after emptying Laduree, buying macarons not only for taste but just to mix them with nice colours from fuxia to pale rose with a touch of acid green….

so after that..we decide to go to a biologic french bistrot…with the daily menu written on the board behind the counter.
Carrot soup and coriander, little spinach salad and goat tost…with a gingember and almond herbal tea.

Happy and smiling we go back to the hotel. To tell the true..during the fashion week…booking at last minute…we couldn’t find a nice studio in Marais…or a nice little hotel with few charming room….mmmm…nope…they located us in hideus eleven floor barracks ring road view….with spotted moquette and a broken window glass

None of us would enter the hotel….how could we avoid to ruin this splendid parisian day?!! How to manage this evening sadness?! Well the only possible french good answer was…a chocolate gauffre with creme fraiche!

The secret of an heAlty day in Paris…doesn’t belongs to me!