To be fashion is not the same to have style. To be fashion means you feel the new trends and that you are always up to date with your favorite  designer and keep ready every season to change your wardrobe and your look. Fashion is exciting and also so compelling! Have style is easy and up to everyone, it just means to be ourselves, feel confident and don’t be the only one with the red hat or the green coat. Style is the ability to choose the best in the trend that make you look great! And not to be the only one to wear a fussy pink jacket in a white pool party. Unless isn’t what you want. To have style means to be aware of our body, of our soul and express our feelings, some days we want to be noticed ( for our style and not for the lack of it) some others days we just want to be chic or easy with non noise.
20 years ago, when I was younger I would have liked to have a friend or a personal shopper, someone that could suggest me how to manage with myself. Because I had to pass plenty of wrong and uneasy situation to know now how to manage every occasion and every mood.
There are a lot of perfect people, those that don’t need to dress to be cool, neither need to study to be brilliant.
This is not me, If in the morning I go out without looking me in the mirror and I just put on a tee-shirt and a jean, I’ll not have the look of a sexy girl,  the day after a cool night in a top party, … no no…, I’ll look like some homeless refugee after 2 weeks of journey in the desert. Even if the day before I really I was at the top party of the city.
I’m someone that need to wake up at 6 to be ready at 8. Easy and true.
So I’m writing to someone like me, that need help, that want to sleep a little more in the morning and so need some tips to look nice, or to have something good to say without spending the day before on it.
My suggestion is


Or better