Milano Fashion week: how to manage it!

I would like to suggest to all my female followers, whatever if free or in couple but looking for a kind of diversion…..I suggest to change their mind during the fashion week!

Do not make up….don’t get dressed up….don’t buy a new high hill shoes or deep decoltè….. Eteroman do not exist during the fashion week.

And if they do exist during the week, they move out of the city, work hard in the office and don’t go out even if the tissu paper is finished.

So girls…if you want to go out is just for yourself! To amuse yoursefl and be happy! Get strange clothes, shoking mix, combine your sport combination with a dressed up shirt with cufflinks….go out with curlers and your ARMANI jacket.
This is the week to impress, to play, to dare!
It’s the fashion wold
Go out with yours friends … And breath the new trends…and live the city…Milan is always chic and secret….but not in the fashion week …..go out and enjoy!

If you are wandering around please post here your funny pictures! Tks Ale