The manuALE

every one likes to speak about herself and her personal experience. That’s not me….I like to listen…

So I would like to create a virtual place where peaple form every where can exchange ther point of view and in the same time I would like to grow up my own experience.

So I started this MANUAL, to manage all situation in a new way…the ALE way (ALESSANDRA is my full name but in ITALY the nickname is ALE)…manuALE here it comes!

I like to help others to get conscious of their beauty, and of their weakness and their power to get rid of fear and to be happy….shinely happy even though the world is going on his way!
So please find in my manuALE the chapter you are looking for and just read some other opionion and experience and change your life. Or give us your opinion to help people to change their life!

Thanks in advance ALE


Note: This is my day 1 assignment- Blogging101  the TITLE